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Loading & Handling Tips:

Remember to lift heavy items with your knees and not with your back.
Remember to place a cardboard or plastic sheet on the floor of the trailer before loading. This acts as a cushion and protects your belongings from becoming dusty.
Load your heavy appliances on the floor against the wall of the trailer.
Load the heavy items on the floor of the trailer and towards the front.
Long pieces, like sofas, can be stood at end, anchored by other large and heavy items.
While loading the items that are marked "Fragile", you need to be pay special attention.
Load the items as tightly as possible to reduce shifting, puncturing or rubbing during the transit.

Insure Your Move:

Have you ever wondered why to insure your goods before the move? Insuring is integral to the moving process. Insuring ensures that, in case of an eventuality you will get back a part or the whole of the value of goods that were moved. The State Insurance Department governs and regulates all the insurance companies under its purview.

Though no amount of money can replace the family piano that you have inherited from your ancestors or the oriental rug, a constant reminder of your Asiatic adventures. It is advisable to insure your move. Be it the nature's wrath or an unfortunate happening, anything can cause damage to your valuable possessions.

In spite of owning the Homeowners insurance individuals should opt for moving insurance too. Homeowners insurance covers items, only when they are inside the home; not when they are being moved. Some insurance policies even allow you to insure your choice of goods alone.

Most of the insurance companies will comply to insure your goods, only if you have sought the assistance of professional movers for the moving purpose. If you are moving all by yourself then it is less likely that you will be offered any coverage by the insurance companies.

Types of Insurance:

Insurance paid by the companies differ according to the nature of the move that is taking place viz. intrastate or interstate. If the move is taking place between 2 different states, then the move will be treated as an interstate one. Insurance policies can be categorized into:.

Basic carrier liability:

This kind of policy is also known as required liability or limited liability. It ensures that a minimum coverage is offered for the items that are getting moved irrespective of their original cost.

Declared value protection:

Depreciated value of an item plays a major role in this policy and the customers are expected to pay additional charges too. Movers will consider the entire shipment in general and it is being calculated as of the actual value.

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